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Advantages of DCDC power module

The dcdc power supply module uses a switch to control the power supply. There are buck and boost analysis of dcdc, which is called buck here. For example, enter 10V in dcdc. There are oscillators and chopper modules in dcdc. For example, one important time period allows 10V to pass, and another different time period does not allow 10V to pass (equal to 0v).
On the other hand, if there is a capacitance at the output, the capacitance is large enough. As a result, the intermediate pulse waveform is calculus, and a 5V DC waveform is output. Compared with the constant voltage module, this step-down process avoids the power consumption of the step-down module to a greater extent. The internal oscillator keeps the output constant by controlling its duty cycle (for example, in a certain dcdc, the input range is 6V to 16V, the output is 5V, and the error is only a few tenths of a volt. In addition, the output and input voltage of the stable module have a certain degree of difference. Linear relationship, the input voltage of 7V and the input voltage of 14V are quite different.

Different suppliers now sell many different power modules on the market, but it is better to enter these modules according to the product rather than integrated solutions, because the use of power modules can save development time and speed up the time to market.
The power supply also has the following advantages:
Each unit can be individually rigorously tested to ensure the high reliability of the product, including electrification testing to exclude substandard products. In contrast, integrated solutions are difficult to test because the entire power system works closely with other functional systems in the circuit.