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What to pay attention to when producing power modules

Which aspects should be paid attention to in the production of power modules? Nowadays, most integrated circuits use MOS circuits, and most power modules also use MOS tubes and integrated circuit chips. In the production of power modules, if the electrostatic protection is not carefully protected, it will often lead to a higher rate of component failure. Even if the test is qualified, it may cause slight damage to the MOS tube and integrated circuit chip due to static electricity during the manufacturing process, thereby affecting the life and reliability of the power module. After introducing static electricity protection system (human body anti-static grounding, floor anti-static grounding and operation assembly, anti-static grounding of equipment, etc.) in the production environment, it can effectively avoid damage to MOS tubes and integrated circuit chips. Anti-static damage to electronic components is a complex system engineering, which runs through the entire process of system or equipment development and production.

Factors that affect the reliability of power supply products include design, technology, management, testing and methods, and incoming materials. These are the concerns of manufacturers and users of power modules. In fact, the reliability of the power module must not only ensure the optimization of various performance indicators, but also ensure that the production environment of the power module is clean and orderly, with excellent electrostatic protection measures, appropriate temperature and humidity, and only when the conditions are met. The power supply module produced under the company can truly be regarded as a high-reliability power supply product.

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