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Package selection of DCDC power module

Package options for dcdc power modules:

One: Under certain power conditions, the smaller the volume, the better. In the process of encapsulation, the reduction in size means the expansion of the network space, so as to provide more market space for other important parts of the enterprise system and ensure the integrity of the function.

Two: In the software package selection process, we should try our best to choose products that meet international standards. As the development of international standards and global manufacturers and requirements, better compatibility. In addition, manufacturers adopt many international standards and have a wider range of choices. When choosing a supplier, there will be no restrictions on choice.
Three: When selecting data encapsulation technology, the company's scalable products should be emphatically considered to facilitate system expansion and upgrades in the future. On the basis of meeting the requirements of international development, the encapsulation mode widely used in the comparative study of the industry in my country is half-brick and full-brick encapsulation. Generally, in this case, the power control range of international half-brick products covers the whole country from 50 to 200W, while the global coverage of full-brick products is 100 to 300W, which can meet the requirements of domestic and international financial products in most countries.

As long as it can comply with international standards and scalability requirements, in the DC-DC converter power module package selection process, it is easy to find a suitable package form for the product.