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The importance of military power

Due to the complex technology and intensive knowledge of modern warships, military power supplies are high-tech equipment that integrates computer technology, electronic technology, and ship industry. Therefore, the requirements for the core technology and components of the equipment are higher. As we all know, my country's core technology in the field of high-end science and technology is scarce, and a large number of components are dependent on imports, which seriously hinders the rapid development of our ship's electronic equipment, and the lack of complete localization of warships also seriously threatens the peace of our country. Therefore, technical services such as the imitation of warship electronic equipment, the digestion and absorption of circuit board copy boards, and the secondary development of software and hardware are of positive significance to the research on warship equipment that I have worked on. The imitation of electronic equipment generally involves the reverse research technology of circuit board copying, reverse analysis of PCB files, reverse schematic diagrams, manufacturing BOM lists and other steps, and then use the acquired technical files and production files for PCB manufacturing, component welding, Flying probe test, circuit board debugging, complete copy of original circuit board model and product imitation.
With the continuous improvement of circuit board copying skills, the process of circuit board copying also includes techniques such as circuit board modification, high-speed PCB design, IC chip decryption, software, program disassembly, component replacement, and secondary development design. It is understood that since the establishment of the Naval Reverse R&D Department in February 2005, breakthrough development has been achieved in the Naval Mastery Project. The imitation of warship electronic equipment covers almost all aspects of the ship industry. From the point of view of information technology, there are mainly maritime information, detection, collection, processing, transmission, command, weapon control, ship navigation and positioning, ship manipulation, and underwater weapons. Precision guidance and other aspects. In the long-term reverse research process, Shenzhen Dongyuan Technology has become more sensitive in its control of warship electronic equipment components, and has made great progress in reliability, maintainability, and usability. Due to the integrated multifunctional structure of the copy board design and secondary development. When certain hardware fails, components can be replaced, and software equipment can be replaced with functionality, which increases maintenance; due to the use of intelligence, the system can be built randomly, which can be continuously upgraded, which greatly improves the usability.