Is military power supply customized or universal?

In the same field, when there are many manufacturers of the same type of products, differentiation is a topic that must be paid attention to if they want to win in the fiercely competitive market and achieve greater product visibility and commercial benefits. For power applications, product differentiation is particularly important due to its wide range of applications, various functions, performance requirements, and various conditions. especially inMilitary power supplyIn this area, differentiated product demand has become a necessity.

Customized products can be seen as a high degree of deepening and refinement of product differentiation. In the military field, it is often necessary to use customized power supply equipment in order to meet the requirements of specific dimensions, functions, and application environments for airborne and shipborne situations. For power supply manufacturers, it is necessary to provide highly differentiated customized services corresponding to this, and optimize products to a greater extent to meet relevant requirements and standards.

The exhibition attracted several manufacturers with customized power supply as their main business. According to the person in charge of one of the manufacturers, military products are relatively small in batches compared to industrial and civilian products, and often need to cooperate with existing equipment and equipment. Design, so when it comes to the field of military power supplies, it still focuses on customized products. In the field of industrial and civilian products, due to the relatively large number of products and relatively few restrictive requirements, more general-purpose products will be adopted.

Due to the high requirements of customized products, especially military customized products, on functions, performance, reliability, etc., products from raw materials, design to finished products need to meet high standards and high requirements, which requires manufacturers to research and develop, More technical and financial support will be invested in production and testing. High investment can lead to high returns. According to another manufacturer that focuses on customized power products, although they have begun to launch industrial-grade products, they are still focusing on customized products, because this is their main business and also The main source of economic income.

Military electronic equipment is mainly used in various vehicle, shipboard, airborne weapons and equipment, command and combat situations, and is closely related to the safety of my country’s military and people’s lives. This special sensitivity requires military electronic equipment whether it is Raw materials, design, production, or related tests and applications should be made as domestically as possible. In recent days, my country’s relevant policies are also promoting and strengthening the continuous localization of our military’s weapons, equipment, electronic equipment and related components, and my country’s finances for the localization of electronic equipment have also been continuously increasing.

Despite the support of our country's policies, we must be cautious of the current status of domestic components and complete products. As far as power products are concerned, they can be divided into two categories: one is modular power products, and the other is non-modular power products. According to a person in charge of a domestic military power supply manufacturer participating in the exhibition, for non-modular power supply products, from components to complete machines have basically been fully localized, and for modular power products, although the core power supply module is still More products from foreign manufacturers (such as VICOR, etc.) are used, but other components have been made domestically. The person in charge also mentioned that domestic power modules still have obvious gaps in terms of design, materials, and technology. However, some domestic manufacturers are doing well in power modules and are gradually catching up with foreign top brands.

An exhibiting power supply accessory manufacturer said that although there is still a big gap with foreign manufacturers in terms of power-related components, we must also see that some manufacturers’ products have reached higher international and domestic standards. The quality has been on the same level as those of some large foreign manufacturers, and the domestically produced products have a relatively good price advantage, which has been widely adopted. The development of military power supply will get better and better!