The progress of military power

With the continuous development of our country’s economy and the continuous advancement of science and technology, in the modernization of our military’s weapons and equipment, the scope of application of electronic information technology has continued to expand, and the level of application continues to deepen. The only way to improve the overall combat level of our army under the new situation. At present, as the pace of localization of electronic components continues to move forward, the road to localization of military electronic equipment is also constantly advancing. forMilitary power supplyIn other words, reliability and environmental suitability should always be given top priority, and higher performance requirements need to be met under this premise. Ensuring reliability and environmental applicability does not mean sacrificing performance. In fact, military equipment often has higher requirements in terms of performance indicators such as output power, load efficiency, and conversion efficiency. Military power products need to ensure the use of command and combat in different normal situations as much as possible, and the high performance of the equipment must be ensured.

As a very common and widely used product, power supply equipment has an important impact on the overall performance and quality level of military electronic equipment. At that time, the National Defense Electronics Show attracted many domestic and foreign power supply related equipment manufacturers and component manufacturers, and specially created a special power supply exhibition area to focus on displaying new achievements in the current power supply technology field. At the exhibition, in response to the needs of different application fields, various segmented and differentiated military power products were displayed on the booths of many exhibitors.

At present, many military-grade power products can be seen in many domestic industrial and civil fields, such as transportation, aerospace, navigation, processing industry, electric power and other fields. Military power supply is no longer a mysterious product that ordinary people can't solve. To a certain extent, it also benefits from the continuous improvement of the technical level of domestic manufacturers.

Military equipment often needs to face the test of various, complex and changeable environmental conditions. For example, for shipboard equipment, it must not only be waterproof, but also be protected from salt corrosion; when in a situation such as field operations, it also has to face challenges such as sand, dust and rain. This requires the equipment to be earthquake-resistant, shock-resistant, and waterproof. , Anti-sand and other functions. At the same time, military electronic equipment must also be able to fully cope with the large temperature range of the working environment (for example, the nominal operating temperature range of some power products at the National Defense Electronics Show has reached -55 ℃-+ 125 ℃), various electromagnetic interference Severe challenges such as radiation and radiation, which put forward strict requirements for the reliability and environmental applicability of military electronic equipment far beyond general industrial and civilian equipment.

Future Trends

According to the current situation, it is foreseeable that in the future power equipment, especially military power equipment, there will be the following three major trends: one is higher reliability and greater environmental applicability; the second is higher performance; the third is localization The degree is higher.

For military electronic equipment, not only military power supplies, but also all other non-military electronic equipment. Reliability and performance are eternal topics. Due to the particularity of its application occasions, military power supplies should ensure that they are not interfered and damaged by the external environment, and can have higher stability, so that they will not cause unexpected emergencies in future military operations such as actual combat. Conditions, to provide better security for weaponry and combat personnel. The improvement of equipment performance will have a profound impact on the efficiency and accuracy of final overall decision-making and operations. In the future, military power supplies will continue to move towards higher performance.

Every time the National Defense Electronics Show has attracted the active participation of many domestic and foreign manufacturers, we also need to see that there is still a big gap between domestically produced components and complete machines in the field of power supply technology and the products of top foreign manufacturers. The journey has a long way to go. At the same time, with the support of my country's policies, the localization of components and complete machines is bound to increase. The development of military power supply is becoming more and more mature!