The advantages of power modules are more conducive to the development of military power modules

Power modules are widely used in switching equipment, access equipment, mobile communications, microwave communications, optical transmission, routers and other communications fields, as well as automotive electronics, aerospace, etc. inMilitary power moduleIt is already very common in the market and is gradually becoming popular. The main applicable groups are communications, transportation, aviation and navigation, processing industries, etc. In recent years, the Chinese government has vigorously developed the power industry, of which military power supplies are mainly more adaptable. , Concealment is better, and so on. This is because the power module has the characteristics of short R&D cycle, high reliability, and convenient use. With the development of power module technology, the power of the power module is constantly improving, which makes the efficiency of the equipment continuously improved. The advantages of future power modules will be reflected in the following aspects:


1. In terms of the characteristics and advantages of power supply modules, high-power, low-voltage output power supply modules will have great application development and a wider range of applications.


2. Non-isolated converters will develop faster than isolated converters, reflecting the current characteristics of power module applications.


3. Distributed power modules will be used well and develop faster, but centralized power modules will also have meaning and will continue to be used.


4. The development of power module technology will reduce thermal resistance, improve heat dissipation, and greatly improve the efficiency of power modules.


5. The use of power modules is more routine, bringing us greater changes in our lives, and technological advancements will make digital control the mainstream of control circuits.


6. The power module manufacturers that truly lead the technology will gradually become the leaders in this industry, relying on effective marketing and word of mouth to make their power module products go farther and have more users.